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Harlem artist Francesleslia Millien in "CON DOUGH: STORIES OF 1 in 5 GENTRIFIED"

EXILED TONGUES is a NYC based performance collective that provides financial, artistic and collaborative support to artists of the global majority who center diasporic consciousness. We realize mainstream American theater suffers from a severe lack of representation and deserves a serious discussion on colonization and the legacy of post-colonialism especially within the American context. We aim to disrupt traditional notions of white supremacist theater by providing a way for emerging artists of color to develop their work. Our productions showcase the complex stories of marginalized communities often through documentary theater and devised theater. We acknowledge that our identity are intersectional and use them as a form of theatrical empowerment. 
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NYC Artist Simone Satchell in "CON DOUGH: STORIES OF 1 in 5 GENTRIFIED"

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In our 2022/2023 Season, EXILED TONGUES is focused on the intersection of racial and climate justice - connecting marginalized communities with their waterfronts and educating local communities about pollution and climate emergencies. Additionally, in our third year we are committed to continue developing new works generated from our first two seasons. We believe strongly in the creative process and want to provide long term sustained commitments to all of artists. In February 2022, EXILED TONGUES premiered "Kept in the Dark" at the New Ohio Theater as part of their "Now In Process Series". On June 24, 25, Artistic Director Ray Jordan Achan is leading the first of many site-specific performances at the Newtown Creek Nature Walk as part of their project "(Re)Imagining Greenpoint's Green Waters". In Summer 2022, additional site-specific performances will be held along the North Brooklyn Pipeline route to raise awareness of it's harm as part of "Our Bang For Their Buck: No Pipeline for LNG"

EXILED TONGUES' 2021/2022 season features "Diasporic Dreams From a Boy Who Wished He Could" (Rogue Theater Festival), "First Sight: A Queer Indonesian Love Story" (The Tank, Rogue Theater Festival), "(Re)imagining Greenpoint's Green Waters" (Newtown Creek), "Our Bang For Their Buck: No Pipeline for LNG" (North Brooklyn), "Querencia (Jamaica Performing Arts Center), "Mixed Asian Media Fest", "After the Cut" (Queens Theatre), and "Ghana, Guinea, or Guatemala? A Historiography on Guyana by Jim Jones (Fifth Avenue Theater)

Our inaugural 2020/2021 season featured our first production, "CUT WOMAN", which was presented at the Prelude NYC 2020 Festival. Our second production, "CON DOUGH: Stories of 1 in 5 Gentrified" was commissioned by the Center at West Park in February 2021, and  premiered at The Tank in May 2021. "CON DOUGH" is a fiscally sponsored project by the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA).

Julia Chung and B. Bastian in "Kept in the Dark" as part of New Ohio Theater's "Now in Process" 


Local Canoe Tour on Newtown Creek with special thanks to the Newtown Creek Alliance and North Brooklyn Boat Club; research for (Re)Imagining Greenpoint's Green Waters

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State Senator Julia Salazar joining protestors at Brooklyn Borough Hall to advocate for the deconstruction of the North Brooklyn Pipeline.


Delivering "Tending the Edge" Climate Justice Packets to NYC Mayoral Candidates in 2021.


Salvador Espinosa; tech for "CON DOUGH: STORIES OF 1 in 5 GENTRIFIED"


Filming for "First Sight: A Queer Indonesian Love Story