2021/2022 SEASON

THE 2021/2022 season is EXILED TONGUES' second season! Our first production of the season "Diasporic Dreams From a Boy Who Wished He Could" written and directed by Ray Jordan Achan premiered at Rogue Theater Festival in July 2021. "First Sight: A Queer Indonesian Love Story" written and directed by Dena Igusti premiered at Rogue Theater Festival in July 2021, and premiered at the Tank's Lime Fest in August 2021. Our next production, Ghana, Guinea or Guatemala? A Historiography on Guyana by Jim Jones, a one-man show written, directed, and performed by Ray Jordan Achan will premiere at the Fifth Avenue Theater in October 2021.


We are developing two site specific documentary theater pieces, "(Re)Imagining Greenpoint's Green Waters", a piece about the history of environmental violence at Newtown Creek; and "Our Bang For Their Buck: No Pipeline For LNG", a piece documenting the experiences of activists and community members negatively affected by the proposed installation and extension of the North Brooklyn Pipeline, proposed by National Grid. 


We are co-sponsoring, "Querencia", an original play by Artist-in-Resident, Francis Madi about a Venezuelan immigrant family dealing with the trials and tribulations of living in America while still connected to their land of origin. We are also co-sponsoring "After the Cut" an artist talk that will center around how being survivors of FGC inform our creative practices, media representation of survivors of FGC, reclaiming the survivor narrative in our art, and how and why inclusivity is imperative in the fight against FGC. EXILED TONGUES is also co-sponsoring the first annual, "Mixed Asian Media Fest", a five day festival filled with programming highlighting the diversity of talent amongst Asian creatives.