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ABOUT: Querencia is about a Venezuelan immigrant family dealing with the trials and tribulations of living in America while still connected to their land of origin. It’s about assimilation and resistance, celebration and grief. The process of shedding former identities while discovering new identities that brings us closer to our authentic selves.
Querencia is about the loving nostalgia we feel of the past. What happens to us when we leave everything we know to survive? Who do we become? Four characters will explore this question with us. This is about what used to be vs. our complex presents and the uncertainty of our futures. Querencia is a snapshot into the lives of an immigrant family and I can’t wait to put it out in the world. This is an immigrant play, a Queer Play, a Latinx play, a family play, a political play, a LOVE play, a friendship play. It’s a story for all of us, and I hope you see some part of yourself in it. -FRANCIS MADI


Here is the cast from the left to right, and kneeling is the director Hazel Hernandez. PC: Francis Madi


Here is a picture of all of all of the cast during the talkback that followed right after the staged reading. PC: Francis Madi


Francis Madi was the recipient of the NYC Artist Corps Grant

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